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PVC Coated Wire


PVC Coated Wire (Inner metal: Black iron, galvanized, stainless steel ).

Material: Quality mild steel wire, galvanized iron wire, stainless iron wire, brass wire.

Workmanship: With quality metal wires, PVC coated iron wire (PCIW) also PIW, PVC Iron Wire),  is manufactured by having the metal wires firmly, covered with PVC plastics, which can protect the metal wire from corrosion and wear.


  1. PVC is the most popular plastic for coating wires as it is relatively low in cost,  resilient, fire retardant and possesses good insulating properties.
  2. Corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, good luster, smooth coating, high flexibility, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.

Assortment: Electric galvanizing, hot-dipp galvanizing, PVC spraying and PVC coating.

It is extensively used for making wire mesh which can be applied in areas of  wet, high-salt, high-alkali, high-acid, etc .
It is also used in other applications such as coat hangers and handles.

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